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Captions File Formats

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Captions File Formats

Hello everyone, Following on my recent video on new captions in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2021, I thought I would share some more information about captions file formats so that you can make an informed decision which ones to use. There are so many file formats for captions that it’s difficult to chose the right […]

Premiere Pro

New Captions Workflow in Premiere Pro CC 2021

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New Captions Workflow in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2021

Hello everyone, as you may have noticed Adobe released a new version of Premiere Pro – CC 2021 finally 😉 , and this new version brings a new Captions workflow. This is totally new and the workflow is different in many ways so I thought I would record a video taking you through the new […]

Adobe Creative Cloud

Premiere Pro CC 2021 Released!

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Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe have just released the latest version of Premiere Pro, after releasing a new After Effects version yesterday, and this is the new Premiere Pro 15.0 – Premiere Pro CC 2021! This new update brings some new features, performance improvements and bug fixes. Here are the new features in Premiere Pro CC 2021 (15.0) New […]

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe After Effects 18 available!

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After Effects new features

Adobe have just released the new version of After Effects – version 18.0. It’s available for download immediately from your Creative Cloud application. In this new version, there are quite a few new features and some enhancements. Here’s a breakdown of these new features: Media Replacement in Motion Graphics Templates In MOGRTs you can now […]


Do Pixels Matter? 108MP Samsung S21 vs 20MP Canon 1DX II

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Samsung S21 vs Canon 1 DX

Do pixels matter? Does a number of pixels matter? What about a competition/challenge between a just over £1000 smartphone and £6000 professional top of the range DSLR camera? That’s what photographer and video producer Kevin Raposo set out to do – testing the latest Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone against a top-of-the-range Canon DSLR, which […]


Most Reliable Long-Term Data Storage Media

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Recently all consumer recording devices (audio/video/photo) have gone from analogue to digital. All photo and video cameras are now using memory cards for storage (moving from film and tape to memory cards). Cassettes, CDs and even MP3 players have disappeared as well in favour of using mobile devices for storing music or just playing music […]


Video Editing Facts

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Video Editing Tips

Video editing process nowadays is so much easier than it used to be (especially considering XX century). Here’s something interesting: All editing now is done digitally on computers and just takes some storage on a hard drive (or tape) but physically it takes very little space and hardly any weight – as a comparison, when […]

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Types of Motion Tracking in After Effects

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Tracking in Adobe After Effects

After Effects is a great and powerful tool for creating some amazing animations and visualisations. And what I want to share with you here is types of motion tracking in After Effects. What is Motion Tracking? Since video is becoming more and more popular every day, After Effects is becoming increasingly popular. More and more […]


World’s Biggest Underwater Panorama

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world's largest underwater image

Brazilian photographer, Marcio Cabral, has officially received the Guiness World Record for the “World’s Largest Underwater Panoramic Image“. The image in question is a 826.9MP image consisting of 28 photos shot from the same spot underwater. Quite an achievement to do this while diving underwater. Here’s image (image source: The photo above was actually […]