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Changes to Creative Cloud

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As announced on their blog, Adobe have made some changes to Creative Cloud apps. Starting now, you will only be able to download the last two versions of Adobe CC applications, there will be no accessto older versions of CC applications as before: Adobe always recommend that all Creative Cloud users update their applications to […]


Adobe Creative Suite is No More

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Creative Suite retired

Adobe have officially pull the plug on Creative Suite. Up till the first week of this year you could still buy Adobe Creative Suite 6 from Adobe (you had to call their call centre) but now this is gone. From now on, it’s all Creative Cloud (which has been around for almost 4 years now). […]


Adobe expands DNG format with Lossy DNG

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You may have heard about recent updates to Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom, now it is time for Adobe DNG file format. If you haven’t heard about DNG, have a look at Adobe website for more information. Adobe has extended the specifications of DNG format. Now you will be able to create a compact, lossy […]

Web Technologies

Adobe abandons work on Flash Player for mobile devices

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Yes, this is true. Adobe abandons work on Flash Player for mobile devices. Software developer Adobe Systems is halting development of its Flash Player plug-in for mobile devices. As BBC claims ” Adobe says it now believes the alternative HTML 5 technology offers the “best solution” because it is “universally supported””. As most of us […]