Video Editing Facts

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Video Editing Tips

Video editing process nowadays is so much easier than it used to be (especially considering XX century). Here’s something interesting: All editing now is done digitally on computers and just takes some storage on a hard drive (or tape) but physically it takes very little space and hardly any weight – as a comparison, when […]

Video Editing

How Much RAM do I need for Video Editing?

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RAM memory

RAM memory has a big impact on your work when you’re editing video (or doing pretty much anything else for that matter). As a video editor, you are relying on your software/hardware (computer) as much as you do with cameras (if you’re shooting videos as well). RAM memory is as important to a video editor […]


Video Editing Software in Hollywood

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Non-Linear editing has been around for almost fifty years. However, it hasn’t been common for many years until almost the nineties. The first film/show edited using an NLE was “Still the beaver” tv show in 1986. Nowadays, there’s so much choice of NLEs but there are a few which are the most popular and commonly […]