Do Pixels Matter? 108MP Samsung S21 vs 20MP Canon 1DX II

Samsung S21 vs Canon 1 DX

Do pixels matter? Does a number of pixels matter? What about a competition/challenge between a just over £1000 smartphone and £6000 professional top of the range DSLR camera?

That’s what photographer and video producer Kevin Raposo set out to do – testing the latest Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone against a top-of-the-range Canon DSLR, which costs 5x more.

What we have here is a 108MP smartphone compared to 20MP DSLR camera. Samsung is clearly crashing Canon here in the pixels department but are numbers of pixels everything?

In the video, you see a comparison of six different images captured on both “cameras” and positioned side-by-side.

What’s very interesting (and something that could be expected) in this test is that when viewing images side by side at fit view (not 100%) you can hardly tell the difference! It’s when you zoom into 100% you start seeing differences in quality between images from these two devices.

It’s interesting to see that while smartphone technology can’t match the quality of images from interchangeable cameras, they came a long way and create an interesting addition and being always in our pockets, allow us to capture great quality images. Smartphones and especially their cameras in this case, became very capable tools for capturing photos (and shooting video).

And, let’s be honest, most people won’t be able to tell a difference, especially when they view these images on their smartphones.

Watch the video below and enjoy.

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