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Adobe After Effects 18 available!

After Effects new features

Adobe have just released the new version of After Effects – version 18.0.

It’s available for download immediately from your Creative Cloud application.

In this new version, there are quite a few new features and some enhancements. Here’s a breakdown of these new features:

Media Replacement in Motion Graphics Templates
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In MOGRTs you can now use replaceable media (images and videos) to create multiple variations of a template. With this new feature, you can swap images and videos in Premiere Pro.

Real Time 3D Draft Preview
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Real Time 3D Preview (new button in the bottom right side of the Composition panel) uses faster RTE (Real Time Engine) renderer to preview your changes in real time in your 3D scene. Very cool feature! It’s an engine to speed up preview as you continue working on your 3D scene. This new renderer uses your GPU (graphics card) and it’s for draft preview only.

3D Ground Plane
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A ground plane – a horizontal plane – gives us a sense of perspective and space within the 3D scene. You may have seen it in 3d applications like Cinema 4D Lite which is built into After Effects. And now we have one in After Effects with its own button in the bottom right corner of the Composition panel! 😉 Ground Plane button only appears when you work with the new Draft 3D Preview mode.

This new After Effects version also contains some bug fixes. You can find them all here.

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