Western Digital MyPassport SSD

WD My Passport SSD

Following an announcement made at CES earlier, Western Digital are now releasing their new portable SSD drive – MyPassport Go SSD.

The hard drive comes in a black-blue rugged case and it has a usb cable attached to it (with a handy place underneath the drive where the cable can be attached and hidden out of view).

Western Digital says that the hard drive can achieve speeds of up to 400 MB/s (much lower than my Samsung T5, which reads and writes at over 500MB/s) and can be dropped from 2M (I’ve done that with my T5 many times 😉 ).

The Western Digital MyPassport is available now for $90 for 500GB and $170 for 1TB.

More information on Western Digital website soon (nothing on WD UK website yet).

Here’s link to Amazon website:

Western Digital MyPassport Go SSD

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