Slideshow Module Tour with Gene McCullagh

It’s usually the Library Module or the Develop Module that get most attention. So surprisingly, this time we’ll talk about the Slideshow Module which I find very interesting.

If you followed my blog for quite a while, you know about all the big changes in Lightroom 3 (it’s been around for quite a while now) and that I’ve been excited with some of these features. I am not going to deep into all these features right now as I want to share with you an article by Gene McCullagh from Lightroom Secrets.

In his article, Gene guides you through the step-by-step tour of the Slideshow Module and then follows with some tips and tricks.

Have a look at his article here:

Slideshow Module Tour with Gene McCullagh.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy it Have fun, I’m off to working on this week’s episode of Photoshop Lightroom TV! 😉

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