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Some of you may have started using Google+, so have I. I have actually been encouraged to look at it by someone and I liked it, so I started posting on Google+.


If you haven’t heard about Google+, have a look online. Google+ is a great place to share images etc, and many photographers have already joined it. As the photographers are using Lightroom (and not just professionals, some serious hobbists as well), there came an idea to share images on Google+ from within Lightroom.

You can share your images from Lightroom to Google Picasas service and then share them on Google+.

To start with, you will need to install Jeffrey Friedl’s Export to Picasaweb Lightroom Plugin. You may have heard about Jeffrey before, I have posted about him and his plugins in the past. He has created a number of plugins for Lightroom. Definitely, have a look at his website, you may find something interesting.

Once you’ve downloaded the plugin, just follow the instructions to install it and link to the google account. You can also create Picasa album:

I will expand in that in the next post later this week.

Enjoy! 🙂

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