Fill Light etc in Lightroom

Fill Light in Lightroom with Marek MularczykGood day to you. Thank you for coming, let’s talk about some light adjustments in Lightroom (or Camera Raw in Photoshop).

Do you find it confusing with all these sliders in Lightroom, in the Develop module? Do you know what they all do?

What about the Basic tab, where you make some adjustments to the image? Let’s have a look at a few.

Quite often I get asked about the Fill Light and Brightness sliders and any differences between them. So, are there any differences between these sliders? Let’s see what they do.

Fill Light adjusts shadows and dark tones within an image;

Brightness adjusts mid-tones within an image.

There is one more slider here – Exposure – just to make a bit more confusing for some people.

Exposure adjusts the brighter parts of an image.

Here you go! 😉

I hope you enjoyed it. Don’t worry, I remember I promised another post on HDR, I will post it soon.

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