Picasa Plug-in for Lightroom

Picasa plug-in for Lightroom

Good morning! It’s a Plug-In Day! 😉

If you are a Google Picasa user, you will love this plug-in! 🙂

This is another great plug-in for Lightroom. The family of plug-ins for Lightroom is growing all the time and I covered some of the plug-ins already if you look over the previous posts.

This Plug-in allows you to export directly from Lightroom into Picasa Web. The Plug-in has many configurable options to make your work easier.

This is another Plug-In from Jeffrey Friedl and it is free (you can make a small donation, it is absolutely worthy!). The Plug-in is available for a download from Adobe website – from Adobe Exchange.

Here’s the link:

Export to Picasa Web on Adobe Exchange.

Enjoy! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Picasa Plug-in for Lightroom

  1. Sorry, this too is NOT for FREE, it is donationware and will be downgraded in functionality if no donation is done after 6 weeks. I do understand this from a developers point of view, but it just doesn’t fit with the PicasaWeb philosophy which is free all te way!

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