Photoshop Exchange Celebrates Over 10,000 Submissions!

Have you ever used Adobe Exchange?

If not, I’ll explain. Most people I meet at my Adobe Certified courses have never used, often never heard of, Adobe Exchange.

Adobe Exchange is the place to go to access hundreds of plug-ins, templates, presets for anything adobe. Every adobe products has its own unique place on Adobe Exchange. So you will find Photoshop Exchange here as well. Photoshop Exchange is an Adobe hosted website for customers who want to discover and share Photoshop content with each other.

If you’re just looking for inspiration or want to try out some new styles or effects, that’s the place to go. On Photoshop Exchange, you’ll find Actions and Styles and Brushes (the majority of the content on Photoshop Exchange are photoshop actions). Everything that’s being uploaded to Photoshop Exchange is verified by the adobe team to make sure they deliver what they promise.

And now, Photoshop exchange hit its target! There have been over 10,000 free or low cost Photoshop add-ons like brushes, shapes, templates and more uploaded to Adobe’s Photoshop Exchange!

Here’s the link for you:

Photoshop Exchange on Adobe Marketplace & Exchange.

Enjoy and see you tomorrow! 🙂

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