Create and Edit screenshots with Photoshop CS5


Have you watched my recent video about creating and editing screenshots with Photoshop CS5?

It was great fun creating it. I use this technique very often when I want to show what I’m doing to the reader. As an example, I’m writing a book and I’m taking screenshots for all the steps for the reader to get a visual idea on what I’m trying to recreate. So, I take screenshots and work on them in Photoshop.

It seems like a complicated process but it’s not. Of course there are some important things to consider if you are a new Photoshop user, like how to crop certain areas or how to remove elements within the design, but I show you all that in detail in this video tutorial.

I hope you will enjoy it. If you do, let others know about it. Here’s the video:


Have fun! 🙂

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