Create a Massive Depth-of-field!

Depth of fieldHello everyone! 🙂

Depth of filed relates to photography. It is a term describing the distance between the closest and furthest away object that appears to be in focus in an image.

And that’s one of the topics in this week’s Episode of Photoshop Lightroom TV. Sometimes, it is desirable to have all the objects within an image in focus, but in many cases it would be very difficult to achieve. That’s an example I used in this week’s episode – an image of an empty glass in the foreground with a beach in the background.

Note: The image is an image I received from Adobe. The copyright belongs to Adobe Systems Inc.

In the episode, I show you how to use two versions of the same image – one with the focus on the foreground, and another one with the focus on the background and blend them together to get everything in focus! Here are the two images I used:

And here’s the link to the Episode of Photoshop Lightroom TV so you can watch the tutorial:

Photoshop Lightroom TV – Episode 46.

I hope you’ll enjoy it!

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