Photoshop CS6 New Features – No.4 – Content-Aware Patch Tool

Photoshop CS6Welcome to the fourth video on New Features in Adobe Photoshop CS6! I hope you enjoyed previous videos, as promised last week I’m creating one video each day on something new in Photoshop CS6 and I have done three videos so far.

This time, I’ll talk about Content-Aware Patch, or to put it more clearly – a new Content-Aware feature in the Patch Tool. You know Patch Tool and my guess is that you have been using this tool for quite a while, but know it comes with Content-Aware!

Have a look on the screenshot below and see if you can notice anything new:

New Content-Aware Fill in Patch Tool in Photoshop CS6

And now, without further ado, let me share a video I have created with you:

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