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Now you can check Lightroom edits online

View edits of Lightroom images

A web developer, Piotr Chmolowski, created a web application that you can use to check how the image was edited in Lightroom.

Pixel Peeper, that’s the name of the software developed by Piotr, is an EXIF viewer, which shows how an image – JPEG to be specific (it doesn’t work with raw files) – was developed in Lightroom by showing the positions of all the sliders as they were set in Lightroom. It only works with images edited in Lightroom.

Here’s the link for the application:

Pixel Peeper web application

On the website, as per link above, you upload an image (JPEG) to see all metadata changes. Website states that images are not saved on the server for those of you concerned about privacy.

Piotr mentions that he’s looking into adding a feature to the application where you could simply add an image web address (URL) instead of uploading the image to the website.

And here’s a demo of the application.

Enjoy checking your edits 😉


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