Adobe Scan

Adobe have launched Adobe Scan, an app that will turn your mobile phone into a scanning device.

This new app from Adobe will make it easier creating documents on the go. With their app, Adobe are leveraging their advanced imaging technology  so that you can create PDFs using Adobe Scan.

What seems to set Adobe’s Scan app from other similiar apps (OCR – Optical Character Recognition – software is nothing new) is that where most applications usually require subscription, Adobe say that Scan is free to use. I guess it’s part of Creative Cloud but is it going to be available even for people who use free model of Creative Cloud? Like a trial? Or is it going to be like Lightroom Mobile where one has to log in with their Adobe Creative Cloud account to even use it. We’ll see.

It can even capture multi-page documents.

Your scans (documents) are also going to be stored in Adobe Document Cloud so that you can access your documents at any time from any device.

Here’s Adobe’s video on Adobe Scan:

It’s nice to see that this time for a change, Adobe’s mobile app is available not just for iOS but also for Android.

You can download Adobe Scan from here.

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