New Rugged Samsung Memory Cards for Creators

Samsung PRO Plus and EVO Plus cards

Samsung have announced a new series of memory cards, SD cards to be specific, aimed at content creators and photographers/videographers.

The news series, actually two, are: PRO Plus and EVO plus:

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Both classes of cards are UHS-I U3 cards, and they have been designed for photographers/videographers, content creators in mind. These new cards have been designed to be more durable than any other cards.

These new cards may not be the fastest, their focus is more on robustness, although their speeds are actually quite impressive:

  • PRO Plus – read speeds up to 100 MB/s and write speeds up to 90 MB/s
  • EVO Plus – Samsung states “it supports transfer speeds of up to 100 MB/s

All these new cards will be available in capacities from 32GB to 256GB, however, EVO Plus in 32GB and 64Gb capacities are only going to be U1 Class 10.

Here’s something from Samsung:

“For years, consumers around the world have trusted Samsung to deliver high-performance memory cards in a variety of capacities that meet their unique needs,” said Dr. Mike Mang, vice president of the Memory Brand Product Biz Team at Samsung Electronics. “Samsung has gone beyond that with the PRO Plus and EVO Plus SD cards, providing additional layers of protective measures to withstand intensive usage and the most rugged conditions.”

Both series of cards support 4H UHD and Full HD recording, allowing users to quickly and easily capture and share their content even in 4K resolution (videos).

All components and firmware are produced in-house to give customers the quality they would expect from Samsung.

PRO Plus and EVO Plus cards are also implementing Samsung’s seven-proof protection:

  • Water protected,
  • Temperature protected,
  • X-ray protected,
  • Magnet protected,
  • Shock protected,
  • Drop-proof (withstanding up to 5 metres drop),
  • Wear-proof (withstanding up to 10,000 swipes).

The cards will be available on 19th of October (next week at the time of writing) and they’ll be priced as follows:

PRO Plus:

  • 256GB – $49.99
  • 128GB – $25.99
  • 64GB – $16.99
  • 32GB – $9.99

EVO Plus:

  • 256GB – $39.99
  • 128GB – $19.99
  • 64GB – $12.99
  • 32GB – $6.99

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