National Achievers Congress 2011

Anthony RobbinsGood morning to you!

It is Monday 4th of July and people in the US are celebrating a holiday! 🙂

Today, a slightly different post, not about Lightroom or Photoshop. On the weekend I have attended the National Achievers Congress in London. What an amazing event this was! The event started with some amazing power and energy in a person of Tony Robbins! Tony is an amazing personality and a fantastic self-help author and success coach. He is an influential speaker in the self-help industry. He only came for a 3 of hours and he actually stayed for almost 5 hours instead (!).

I would like to share some of his messages that I had written down to share them with you if you didn’t manage to come to the National Achievers Congress (if you didn’t, you missed great opportunity to learn a lot):

” Many people dream, but only few live it. ”

” See things as they are, not worse as they are. Be honest not skeptical. ”

” Hunger is the guarantee for success. If you get too comfortable, too familiar, you won’t find the answer. Look for the answer all the time, all your life. ”

” Your destiny is not controlled by your circumstances, it is controlled by you, your decisions. ”

” Pain provides three choices:

– ignore it and blame

– change it to change your life conditions

– change your blueprint – go in a new direction. “

Have a fantastic day! Enjoy it!

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