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I know you are familiar with Collections in Lightroom, especially if you were following my blog as I had posts about Collections and Quick Collections in Lightroom before. But have you ever heard about the Target Collection in Lightroom? It’s not a new feature in Lightroom 3, not really.

A Target Collection is a Collection that allows you to override the temporary Quick Collection. You can use Target Collection to take one of your existing Collections and turn it into a default Quick Collection. You can use a Target Collection to group images that you’re going to process further.

One word of warning: You cannot use a Collection Set as a Target Collection.

Here’s how it works:

1. Go to your Collections panel and select a Collection that you want to use as a Target Collection.

2. Right-click on the Collection and choose Set as Target Collection.

Target Collection with Marek Mularczyk

A white plus (+) icon will appear next to the Collection to let you know that from now on this Collection will be used as your Target Collection.

Target Collection with Marek Mularczyk

3. To add an image to your new Target Collection, select an image and press B on your keyboard.

And that’s it! If you want to remove the image from the Target Collection, just select it and press B again.

If you don’t want this collection to be a Target Collection anymore, select it, right-click on it and deselect Set as Target Collection.

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