Master Photoshop by Video

Complete Photoshop CC DVD

Complete Photoshop CC DVDEver been stuck with a photo or image thats just not right? Not quite the way youd like it? Or needs to be perfect?

You may want to change or add any of the following: picture size. Composition. Colours. Cropping. Contrast. Shading. Special effects. Caption. Text. And maybe more.

The simplest solution is image editing software. As you may have guessed, the best and most popular choice is Adobe Photoshop

Why? Because Photoshop is very powerful – it lets you create exactly what you want with every image.

Because its so powerful, you could be forgiven for imagining Photoshop is difficult to master. Truth is, its simpler, easier and quicker to use than ever

Especially if you allow a Certified Adobe Instructor like me, Marek Mularczyk, to show you how.

Its to help people like you that Ive created The Complete Photoshop CC – The Fast Guide for Beginners

Let me show you how easy it is to get started with Photoshop. How simple and fast you can make your pictures perfect.

My Masterclass Fast Guide takes you step-by-step through all the basics and more. If you want some advanced stuff youll get that, too.

Its all on this DVD. Over 2 hours of high quality videos covering 28 short lessons. Choose how and where you want to learn. At home, in the garden, on your travels or in the office.

If theres something you want to know about Photoshop CC, including the latest 2015 version, this Fast Guide has got you covered.

To get your Complete Photoshop CC Fast Guide for Beginners go to my website or to Amazon.

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