6 Reasons for Buying a CSC Camera

Fuji X-E1 camera

Fuji X-E1 camera

Until recently, CSC cameras (or mirrorless cameras as they’re also known) were thought of being much worse and not compared to DSLR cameras.

However, recent improvements in CSC cameras (CSC – Compact System Cameras) saw them become a serious competition for DSLRs.

So what I want to share with you are some reasons why you may want to consider buying a CSC camera instead of a DLSR.

1 They Look Good

This mostly applies to Fuji X-Series cameras and Olympus OM-D Series. They look very good, very stylish. And you won’t find DLSRs that would look that good.

2 They Are Portable

CSC cameras are much smaller and much lighter than DLSRs so you won’t be complaining over your back or neck problems. CSCs are also better for travelling because of their size and weight. And they are more suited for street photography so you don’t get all attention from people on the streets as you do with a big heavy DSLR hanging from your neck.

3 They Have No Mirror

When using DSLR camera the mirror moves up and down which causes noise and camera shake, which may cause images to be blured (especially when not using a tripod). On a CSC camera there is no mirror so the problem doesn’t exist. Also, CSC cameras can easily be triggered by mobile phones which means you don;t even have to use a tripod as long as your camera is sitting somewhere steady. Very useful for shooting in low light conditions.

4 They Are The Innovation

CSC cameras are being developed with so many innovations and at such a rapid speed that DSLRs just can’t match them. One of the features I love on my Fuji CSC is Focus Peaking – the areas in focus are being highlighted to easier and more precise focusing, especially in Manual Focusing Mode.

5 EVFs Are Very Good

EVFs (Electronic ViewFinders) have been getting better and better, improving all the time and now they became, as many proclaim, even better than optical viewfinders. They offer 100% field of view (something that only more expensive DSLRs offer), they offer very bright images inside, and the live update preview is just amazing! And now, there is no problem with lag-time anymore. For example, Fuji X-T1’s EVF has a lag of 0,05s.

6 Full-Frame Is Cheaper

I remember when Full-Frame sensors were reserved for very expensive professional cameras. This has changed with Sony CSC cameras. Sony Alpha 7 Series are leading Full-Frame CSC cameras, full of features, and you could buy the original Sony Alpha 7 now for less than £900. That’s an amazing value for a camera with a Full-Frame sensor.

Free PDF Download – 6 Reasons for Buying a CSC Camera

If you like something that you could keep, I’ve created a PDF for you and you can download it here:

6 Reasons for Buying a CSC Camera Free PDF Download


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