Improve Lightroom Performance

Lightroom 4I thought I would share with you a few tips on improving Lightroom’s performance.

If there is a way to speed up Lightroom then why not try it?

Adobe team keeps working on improving Lightroom’s performance, but there are always things we can do with our systems where we run LightroomĀ  (Lightroom 4 being the latest version).

Adobe listens to the users whenever they offer suggestions on making Lightroom a better application and they implement them into newer versions/updates of Lightroom.

Here are some of the suggestions to improve performance of Lightroom:

– Keep Lightroom up to date, using Help > Check for Updates from Lightroom’s Help menu;

– Restart Lightroom to refresh the memory;

– RAM – minimum requirement for RAM for Lightroom is 2GB, the more the better;

– Hard Drive – what is not surprising, Lightroom will run much faster on SSD (Solid State Drive) that a traditional HDD. I’ve seen massive improvements in Photoshop and Lightroom with an SSD;

– Retouching tools in Lightroom – these were not designed for hundreds of corrections. If you plan of doing a lot of corrections on images, use Photoshop instead of Lightroom (using tools like Spot Removal tool or Local Adjustments Brush);

– Zoom – If the Fit and Fill zoom options are slow, try using the 1:2, 1:3, or 1:4 options in the Navigator panel;

– Process Version – Process Version 2012 does take more resources than Process Version 2010, so in some cases it might be slower.

These are just some of the common tips on improving performance of Lightroom from Adobe.

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