Adobe Touch Apps Best in 2012

Adobe Photoshop Touch

This was an exciting year for Adobe Photoshop Touch. The application was launched for new devices including iPad, iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, Kindle Fire, and more, plus added new languages and great new features!

iTunes has named Photoshop Touch to the App Store Best of 2012 list in the Post PC-Creation category, aimed at finding apps that “untether creativity from your desktop, enabling you to craft masterpieces and share them from wherever life inspires you most.”

Photoshop Touch was also named to the App Store Hall of Fame, a fitting way to reward fans who have used Photoshop Touch to push the boundaries of image editing.

To make things even more exciting, Adobe’s Photoshop Lightroom app was also named to the Mac App Store Best of 2012. Lightroom was named as one of the “Best Apps of 2012,” and is currently averaging a 4.31 out of 5-star user rating on the Mac App Store.

Exciting year for Photoshop and Photoshop Touch!


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