How to change the size of the Thumbnails when importing Images

Import images into Lightroom and Bridge CS5Welcome, it’s Thursday and yesterday I had fantastic day in the Black Mountains in Wales!

I’m going to post some images on Monday, the weather was great and I got some nice shots. 🙂

Let’s talk about importing images. You know when you’re importing images from your memory card, you get the thumbnails of the images on your card?

It applies to both Lightroom and Bridge. The Import dialog box opens and the thumbnails appear – in Bridge they appear on the left side of the Import dialog box, and in Lightroom they appear in the centre. In this week’s episode of Photoshop Lightroom TV I’m talking about importing images using both Lightroom and Bridge, and how to change the size of the thumbnails that appear.

Photoshop Lightroom TV with Marek Mularczyk Sai TrainingWatch it here:

Photoshop Lightroom TV – Episode 48.


Of course, there is more to that, and Ialso have a great tutorial on Review Mode, Full Screen preview, and Magnifier in Bridge CS5.

And remember, it’s all Free! I hope you’ll enjoy it. See you tomorrow.

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