Getty Images Files Complaint against Google

Google Images

Getty Images have filed a complaint against Google in European Union Competition Comission. Getty Images claim that Google by showing all images in their search results are allowing people to preview and even download high resolution images (sometimes coming from online stock libraries like Getty) without even users coming into their websites.

Getty claim that Google by showing users high resolution images are depriving websites of getting traffic as people can see high res versions of images straight inside Google Images search. They claim this allows users to easier download images and use them without paying the copyright owners.

Getty are now fighting Google despite hacing talks with them for the last few years. And as they’re saying, Getty, they’re fighting to protect their own interests as well as interests of their contributors.

The complaint created by Getty becomes now a part of another investigation taking places in higher instances of the European Union, where Google are facing some questions about some of their practices, which they use in their search results.


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