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JPEGmini Photoshop Extension Available


The software company behind JPEG mini, Beamr, has made avilable an extension to Adobe Photoshop.

JPEGmini is an image compression package, which works in a way that it analyses parts of the image, sectors, and applies different amounts of compression to different sections of the image, accordingly to the content of the image.

The creators of the image compression claim that they can create image compressions that will no affect any visual look of the image, meaning there will be no visible degradation of the quality, and at the same time the extension can reduce the file size by up to 80%. At the same time, the compression software will keep the quality and resolution of the image.

This has a great potential advantage, smaller file size (with the same great quality) means more files can be saved on the hard drive or memory card, and it would be easier to be emailed due to smaller file size.

You can get the JPEGmini extension for Photoshop as a package (with plug-in for Lightroom) and they have a special offer now with a discount from $149 down to $99.

To find out more visit JPEGmini website.

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