Get all “Puppet Warpy”

Puppet Warp is a fantastic new feature inside Photoshop CS5. Use Puppet Warp to radically transform images. You can use it to retouch images or to distort certain areas in the image while leaving the other areas intact.

Start by going to Edit->Puppet Warp.

Here are the options that will appear in the Options Bar:

Puppet Warp options in PhotoshopAnd here’s what they do:

  • Mode – it determines elasticity of the mesh,
  • Density – determines the spacing of mesh points, more points will require more processing time,
  • Expansion – expands or contracts the outside edge of the mesh,
  • Show Mesh – you can deselect it to temporarily show the Pins only.

Now the next step will be to add Pins to the areas that you want to transform.

If you want to remove Pins, just press Delete or position your cursor over the Pin, hold the Alt (Option) key and then click. The cursor will change into scissors icon, when you hold Alt (Option).

A lot more you will find in the video I am going to create. I will upload the video and share it with you next week so stick with me.

Have a wonderful weekend and see you on Monday.

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