Windows Xp Users – don’t update Photoshop CS5!

Photoshop upgradeAll Windows XP users, don’t update your copy of Photoshop CS5 to 12.0.2! This is an important message!

A bug was found after 12.0.2 was released that affects users on Windows XP only – this is an official message from Adobe.

For example:

  • tooltips within the application would not show up, even though that option was enabled in Preferences or
  • corrupted / randomly sized/angled type in tooltips after running the 12.0.2 update.

Here’s what Adobe says:

We’ve got a fix for the bug in-hand and are currently testing it.  Assuming we don’t uncover any other major issues, another update will be available soon that will contain the fix.

So wait till the next update.

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