Full Version of Adobe Photoshop CC – Touch-Friendly?

Adobe seem to be working on a touch-friendly version of Photoshop CC – full version of Photoshop CC.

Microsoft have just announced the new version of their Surface tablet – Surface 3 – with super-high resolution screen (12 inch) and Adobe went to show a new version of Photoshop CC it’s got in the works.

This version of Photoshop CC is designed specifically for use with a touchscreen and stylus.

Icons and other UI elements have been doubled in size so that they’re easier to tap with a free finger and gestures like pinch-to-zoom work flawlessly. And we’re talking here about full version of Photoshop CC, not Photoshop Express or Photoshop Touch.

What’s more, it should be ready to support high-density displays like the one found on the new Surface. While the focus today may have been on how the Creative Cloud app would work on Microsoft hardware, it should bring excitement to us, Adobe users as it shows a lot of potential. The lack of touch and high-density display support has been a bit of a pain point.

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