Camera Raw

Before/After in Camera Raw (finally)

Well, it’s about time… We finally have received Before/After preview inside Adobe Camera Raw, yey! 😉

I know what you’re probably going to say, we have had a way to preview in Camera Raw for a long time. Yes, but the way it was working was with the checkbox for Preview.

Now, it’s a totally different story. Now, Adobe brought it into Camera Raw from Lightroom and now you can preview before/after side by side or in a split view way top-bottom and left-right.

You can access the new preview in Camera Raw in the bottom right corner of the image preview window.

And just so you remember, the Preview checkbox is now gone from the Camera Raw window, however you can still use the P keyboard shortcut.

As you may have guessed I have recorded a video about these new features for you.

Here it is, enjoy!

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