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Free Adobe Creative Suite 2?

Adobe Creative Suite 2You would never believe that! Well, I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t see it on the Adobe website…

Adobe made their Creative Suite 2 available for Free. Hmmm

Yes, I know this is quite an old release, but if you think about it, you can have it for free, so why complain? is it Windows or Mac, you may ask? It’s both. But wait, it gets better…

It’s not just Adobe Creative Suite 2 that is available for free. It’s the products that are part of Creative Suite. As an example, you can download Photoshop CS2 or Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0. But you know what? You can also download Adobe Acrobat Pro 8!

Without further ado, let me give you the link you have been waiting for:

Adobe Creative Suite 2 free download.


P.S. Update from Dave Cross, which apparently he got from Adobe:

Adobe scientist Dov Isaacs clarifies:

On behalf of Adobe Systems Incorporated …

You have heard wrong! Adobe is absolutely not providing free copies of CS2!

What is true is that Adobe is terminating the activation servers for CS2 and that for existing licensed users of CS2 who need to reinstall their software, copies of CS2 that don’t require activation but do require valid serial numbers are available. (Special serial numbers are provided on the page for each product download.) See <>.

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