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Time for Linux Part 2

LinuxWelcome back to part 2 on an amazing Open-Source operating system – Linux.

I gave you some information on Linux a few days ago and today I am going to expand to give you some more information. And here comes more…

Linux distributions come with different desktop environments.

This is another amazing thing about Linux that no other operating system has! You can choose whichever desktop environment you prefer.

Some Linux OSs will ship with many desktop environments, so that you can choose which one you prefer. As an example, openSuSe ships with both Gnome and KDE (best, most advanced desktop environments for Linux).

If you decide that you don’t like the desktop environment you are using, you can just change it! Forget about it on Windows or Mac OS… You can just wish you could do it on Windows or Mac OS…

Different Linux OSs handle software installation in different ways as well. Most distributions include precompiled software packages using their package management system. This is a bit like AppStore that Apple started using on their Mac OS X about a year ago or so. But you know what? We have had that in Linux for many many years!

One more thing to think about is updates. This is another major win for Linux over Windows and Mac OS. Windows gets major updates every 3 years on average. I think it took about 3 years to go from Windows Vista to 7. With Mac OS, updates were coming every year or year and a half, so not that bad. Obviously you need to pay for them… (not with Linux of course). Different Linux distributions have different release model, for example with Ubuntu/Kubuntu I’m getting major updates every… this will be a surprise for you Windows or Mac OS users… 6 months!

With most distributions the new releases would come every year or so on average.

So, which distribution should you choose? Well, it depends on you. How about checking my book on Linux? You will find an overview of distributions and the full step-by-step guide on getting you started on an amazing journey with Linux. Here’s a link for you:

” Linux for Newbies – how to become an Open-Source hero. ” book


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