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Brecon Beacons by Marek MularczykHello everyone, it’s a new week!

As mentioned last week, I was spending a day in the mountains in Wales – Black Mountains. Here’s a bit about Black Mountains and then I’ll share some images with you.

Black Mountains are beautiful mountains in the South East Wales, close to the English border and near towns like Newport and Cardiff. Black Mountains are part of the massive called Brecon Beacons, which I presented to you some time ago with some beautiful images of Brecon Beacons as well.

I spent a fantastic day in the mountains avoiding crowds that can be easily found in the more popular regions like Snowdonia. And as the weather forecast was “rains all day” (there was no rain), there were only a few small groups of people that I met, so I could fully enjoy the beauty of the mountains.

I’ve found a beautiful place to park with a fabulous view of the mountains around me. Here’s an image of the parking. What a spot!

Brecon Beacons by Marek Mularczyk

It was a fantastic day with beautiful views and close contact with nature. Here are a few images for you. Enjoy! 🙂

Black Mountains by Marek MularczykBlack Mountains by Marek MularczykBlack Mountains by Marek Mularczyk

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