Are Canon and Nikon losing it?

DSLR and Mirrorless cameras

Think about photography, about cameras, and what comes to your mind? What company comes to mind? Canon or Nikon.

They have always been associated with cameras. With the best cameras. They have been pioneers in photo/optical industry for many decades.

However, something has changed… Something nobody anticipated…

First, mirrorless cameras appeared. And changed the world of photography. Photography, cameras have never been the same. Mirrorless cameras are amazing. I have been writing about them here on my blog before. Just have a look at this blog post I wrote entitled Have DSLRs lost the battle?

And when you think about mirrorless cameras, who do you think makes the best mirrorless cameras? Canon? Nikon? No. And No. Sony. Fujifilm. Olympus. Panasonic.

The game has changed. Nothing can be taken for granted. Not anymore. Everything’s possible now.

Take drones as an example. Huge market with more and more people getting into aerial photography and videography. Who do you think makes the best drones? Or who actually makes them to start? Canon? Nikon? No. No. Who would have thought that some unknown chinese brand called DJI would start making amazing and affordable drones? And now, they’re the market leader. Woow! What an achievement. And no Canon or Nikon anywhere in sight…

Things are changing. And people are moving on.

As I did. Four or five years ago I switched to mirrorless (I use Fuji) and I never looked back. Mirrorless Fuji meets my needs perfectly and for me personally it’s much better than any DSLR I had before. That means I’ll stick to it for some time.  😉

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