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Adobe pulling Flash Player from Android’s Google Play.

Flash Player Following the decision to stop the development of Flash Player for mobile devices, Adobe announced they will remove Flash Player from Android’s Google Play.

Adobe will continue developing Flash Player for computers and it will support AIR technology. It’s surprising that Adobe is pulling Flash Player from Google Play as Flash Player was a very popular application on Google Play (665,943 downloads as of today).

With majority of users giving Flash Player top score, it’s surprising to see it go (4.5 stars out of 5).

Even though Adobe are not going to actively work on developing Flash Player for mobile devices, it has said it would continue to offer security updates and bug fixes for existing versions until September 2013.

Here’s what Kevin Lynch from Adobe said about Flash Player’s future on desktops:

With Flash we’re focusing on two areas,” he said.

“One is console quality gaming – this is really bringing the level of gaming to the web that you can see on consoles today and with Flash we actually reach more people than any of the gaming platforms. That includes working on 3D technology inside the browser.

“The second area is premium copy-protected video for people who have high value video, like movie studios or cable companies, who want viewers to watch the video anywhere but also want to make sure its protected.”

Many users on Google Play left sad comments unhappy about Adobe’s decision. Here’s one of very interesting comments:

“Flash was the reason I bought a Galaxy Tab instead of iPad! I can’t believe Adobe and Google would do this.”

Here’s one more:

“This is the single biggest difference between the Android and iOS web experience. Seemingly half the web is still based on Flash, and my device is now powerless to view any of that content.”

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