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It’s been a bit since Adobe released Creative Suite 6 and Creative Cloud.

Obviously yo may have lots of questions about Creative Cloud and it would be so much easier to find them all in one place, wouldn’t it?

Here you go. Here are some of the bits of information people kept asking me on my Adobe Certified courses recently.

How would one benefit from Creative Cloud?

Here’s what Mala Sharma, Vice President of Adobe Product Marketing, says about the benefits of using Creative Cloud:

We’re in the middle of a transformation in how content is built and delivered. With the unprecedented shifts in the content landscape due to massive proliferation of devices, our customers are having to grapple with many questions: How do I build a website that looks great on a desktop, tablet device, and smartphone? How do I build apps for iOS and Google Play app stores, and how do I iterate rapidly? How do I syndicate my content to social networks? To address these customer needs, we realized we needed an offering that goes beyond what can be solved with our desktop tools. That is exactly what Creative Cloud is, and we believe it will help our customers go from idea to finished work more efficiently and with better results in this dramatically changing content landscape.

Would one need to be a Creative Cloud customer with CS6, or could one still upgrade the software from CS5 or CS4?

One can still upgrade Adobe Creative Suite software in the same way is in the past, but when going for subscription with Creative Cloud, one gets access to all Adobe products including Adobe Touch Apps (more on Touch Apps in the post later this week). Plus, one gets 20GB of storage with Creative Cloud.

What else distinguishes Creative Cloud form the regular Creative Suite edition?

Creative Cloud members get access to all the latest technologies from Adobe as they get released, so in the future Creative Cloud members will have instant access to new products as they get released.

Do I need to be connected all the time to use Creative Cloud products?

No, you don’t need to be connected to use Creative Cloud products. You download the products to your computer and install them. Once they’re installed, you don’t need the internet connection for most work. You will need internet connection from time to time to check for any updates to the products and to check if your subscription have been paid.

What’s the pricing for Creative Cloud?

For the pricing of Creative Cloud, it’s best to check for your country.

Are there any special offers for loyal Adobe customers?

Yes, Adobe has a special offer for loyal Adobe customers, you can have Creative Cloud for the first year for a discounted price if you are an existing customer with one of the previous Adobe products.

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