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Google acquires QuickOffice, end of MS Office for Android, iOS?

QuickOffice for Android and iOS



Everybody knows that Microsoft has been working on their Office Suite for Android and iOS. Isn’t it a bit too late, Microsoft…..?

Microsoft didn’t have much luck recently and in general, they’re far behind other big companies in technology, at least far behind Google, Apple and Adobe. They tried getting into mobile environment with no luck, even acquiring Nokia didn’t help.

Now, Google acquired QuickOffice – the best Office Suite for Android and iOS. So now that they acquired QuickOffice, they have an off-line Office Suite. It’s going to be interesting to see if Google will open source QuickOffice as they did with so many technologies.

Here’s what Alan Warren, Engineering Director at Google said:

“Quickoffice has a strong base of users, and we look forward to supporting them while we work on an even more seamless, intuitive and integrated experience. Quickoffice has an established track record of enabling seamless interoperability with popular file formats, and we’ll be working on bringing their powerful technology to our Apps product suite.”

Here are just some of the features of QuickOffice:

  • Create, edit, access, and share Microsoft® Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations, as well as annotate and mark up PDF files.
  • Integrated access to Google Docs™, Dropbox, Evernote, Catch, Egnyte, Huddle™, Box, SugarSync, and MobileMe™, so you can access, share and manage files on your device and the cloud.
  • Select multiple files and sort folders by name, type, size and date to easily rename, copy, or delete them. Simultaneously search for files on your device and your cloud storage accounts.
  • With robust power options like two-finger zoom, flick scrolling and multi-touch support, working from your mobile device is quick and enjoyable.

QuickOffice is available from GooglePlay (previously Android Market) and AppStore.

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