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Adobe Creative Cloud details revealed

Adobe has revealed some details about Creative Cloud. This will be launched later this year, probably at the same time as Creative Suite 6 and maybe Lightroom 4 as well. No dates have been confirmed yet.

The monthly fee is going to be £38 and it is going to include a number of publishing tools working along Creative Suite 6 and Touch Apps.

Here’s what you get for £38 a month according to web sources:

– access to Creative Suite 6 Master Collection

– access to Lightroom 4

– you get access to two licenses (both for Windows and Mac, so you can run one on Windows and one on Mac)

– access to the upgrades, when Adobe releases upgrades to the applications, you get them

– access to all Touch Apps for Android and iPad

– 20GB of personal space

Along with subscription, Adobe will still keep selling boxed products as usual.

More details soon.

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