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Wacom announces Intuos 5!

Wacom has revealed a new range of tablets from Intuos series – Intuos 5!

There are some exciting new features built into the new Wacom Intuos 5 tablets!

The tablets are available now (don’t confuse them with tablets like Acer Iconia…) and you can purchase in three sizes:

  • small (4×6 inch) – £200
  • medium (6×8 inch) – £330
  • large (8×13 inch) – £430

Wacom Intuos 5

There is one more tablet, medium size without touch sensitivity, priced at £270. All other tablets feature touch sensitivity:

Wacom Intuos 5

Here’s some official information from Wacom about the new tablets:

” The Intuos5 touch S pen tablet combines the high performance of the professional Intuos5 range with a small footprint, which makes it a perfect device for limited desktop areas or mobile work. “

In addition, Wacom Intuos 5 tablets are compatible with the Wacom Wireless adapter  that can be purchased for £35. Another new thing about Intuos 5 if we were to compare it with Intuos 4 is that it has a different feel, it has a rubber coating.

More information on Wacom website:

Wacom website.

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