After Effects

Export with Transparent Background from After Effects

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When you putting your videos or animations together inside After Effects, at times you’ll have transparency. You may have seen transparency before, maybe in Photoshop, represented as a checkerboard: Looking at the screenshot above, I’ve circled the button where you can enable Transparency Grid. And, when exporting this composition, you may want to keep this […]

Video Editing

How Much RAM do I need for Video Editing?

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RAM memory

RAM memory has a big impact on your work when you’re editing video (or doing pretty much anything else for that matter). As a video editor, you are relying on your software/hardware (computer) as much as you do with cameras (if you’re shooting videos as well). RAM memory is as important to a video editor […]


World’s 1st F1.0 Mirrorless Lens

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Fujifilm XF 50mm F1.0 WR

Fujifilm while back announced that they were going to release an F1.0 50mm lens for their XF system. And now, they have formally announced this beautiful lens – Fujifilm XF 50mm F1.0 WR – world’s first F1.0 lens for a mirrorless camera. This world’s first F1.0 lens for a mirrorless camera is also Fuji’s 35th […]