Update New Process Version in Lightroom 3

Process Version Header

When Lightroom 3 came out just recently, Adobe introduced new Process Version to take advantage of a new processing technology (with improvements of course).

The Process Version defines  which version of Adobe Camera Raw functions are used to adjust and render the images. The new Process Version (the first change since Lightroom was created) is called Process 2010. The old one is called Process 2003.

Images that are processed in Lightroom 3 for the first time, use Process 2010 automatically while the images that were adjusted using previous versions of Lightroom do not.

To update photos to Process 2010:

  • click a little icon that looks like an exclamation mark in the ¬†lower right corner of the photo (the icon will only appear on image that were adjusted in previous versions of Lightroom)
  • or choose Settings -> Update to Current Process (2010)
  • or choose Settings -> Process -> 2010

Process Version Upgrade

In the Update Process Version dialog box, select one of the options:

Process Version UpdateThe new Process Version 2010 is definitely a big improvement in Lightroom 3 with much better rendering.

I hope you enjoyed that. Tomorrow I am going to talk about going back to previous Process Version (2003) if you have already converted your images to the new one.

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