The world’s largest photo!

Get a preview of the world’s largest photo – the 70GB(!) photo of Budapest.

A group of young Hungarian photographers created a massive photo of Budapest. They used two 25MP cameras with 400m lenses with 1.4X converters. The image consists of 5400 photographs – 24 rows of 210 images each. Quite impressive, isn’t it?

They were supplied with a workstation with 24GB of RAM memory (by one of the big computing brands, not to mention them here), 6TB hard disk and twin 4-core Xeon processors. But listen to this:

The final image is:

590508 x 120750 pixels! That’s 71.3GPx! To complete the image, it took 55 hours of work to compile it and the final image was a 350GB file!

Here’s the link for you where you can find the image (you will need to have Silverlight installed):

70GB photo of Budapest.


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