The Societies Photo Convention

Societies convention 2017

January as always marks a yearly Societies Convention for anything photography.

I visited the convention to see what’s new and learn something new as well.

If you’ve never been to the event, it’s a photography gatherng where most big names in the industry appear, companies like Fujifilm, Canon, Sony, etc. They present their products and one gets to talk to them.

Here’s a short video I shot at this year’s covention:

What I always enjoy about the Societies Convention is seminars and presentations. This year, as last year, Adobe were present with their “booth” and were presenting all day, with presentations on Photoshop and Lightroom, but ranging from retouching, publishing images to using video in Photoshop and more. All presentations were free to attend, and there were more presentations focused more on photography, things like using flash, off-camera flash, and many more.

There was something for everyone. If you didn’t attend this year’s convention mark your calendar for January next year.


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