The Secrets to CS5 #5 – Mixer Brush and Bristle Tips in Photoshop CS5

Good morning. Today slightly different issue – Mixer Brush and Bristle Tips in Photoshop CS5.

The new Mixer Brush lets you define multiple colours on a single tip to paint with colour blends, you can also blend photo’s colours to create an interesting looking painting effect.

New Bristle Tips allow you to easily paint with textured brush strokes using defined bristle properties like  shape or length and you can experiment with it by adding Bristle Tips to your brush tools.

Now let’s have a look on some examples. The first screenshot shows the Options Bar for Mixer Brush with an exciting feature where you can pick up different colours and use them in a brush.

Mixer Brush options bar

The next screenshot shows new Bristle Tips  inside Brush Panel and a new preview in the top left corner of the document window.

And there is also the Bristle Brush Preview checkbox a the bottom of the Brush Panel that loads 3D preview of the Brush tip at the left of document window showing also the pressure applied (with OpenGL enabled).

That’s it for today. Next Secret will follow… Till next time.

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