Adobe Photoshop CS6 for Photographers

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Julieanne Kost did a live presentation on Photoshop CS6 for the customers of B&H when she was in New York last month. They recorded it and posted it to their site as well. Now, you can watch it online. Here’s the video for you: Share on Facebook Tweet it


The Top 10 Ways to Automate Lightroom with Julieanne Kost

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Hello everyone, It is Thursday and you made it through three posts this week so far, so congratulations! 😉 Today, I’ve got a great link for you with some fantastic videos. You have heard about Julieanne Kost before as I have written about her in the past. She’s an amazing personality in the “Lightroom/Photoshop world”. […]


Into the wild with Julieanne Kost

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Welcome to the new week. Today we have a Bank Holiday here in Britain, but most of you folks do not so I decided to post something for you. 😉 Today, I’ll point you to a great page and I’ll talk about Julieanne Kost. You have heard about Julieanne before, she’s an Adobe Evangelist, or […]