Into the wild with Julieanne Kost

Welcome to the new week. Today we have a Bank Holiday here in Britain, but most of you folks do not so I decided to post something for you. 😉

Today, I’ll point you to a great page and I’ll talk about Julieanne Kost.

You have heard about Julieanne before, she’s an Adobe Evangelist, or to be precise Senior Digital Adobe Evangelist, and that’s how most people know her. But she’s also a passionate photographer (that’s actually something we both have in common – I’m an Adobe Certified Expert – Web Specialist, but I’m also a passionate photographer, I have been into photography since High School). Not many people realise that Julieanne is a passionate photographer as well.

She spends most of her time traveling around the world spreading the word about Lightroom and Photoshop and many people wonder where she gets inspiration from. So today, I want to share with you an interview with Julieanne. So without further ado, let me give you a link:

Into the wild with Julieanne Kost.

Enjoy and see you back here tomorrow!


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