Sony Alpha 9 Most Capable Camera Ever?

Sony have changed the game.

They have just announced a new Alpha series mirrorless camera – Sony Alpha 9. And it’s a game changer.

In Sony’s words:

It’s the most capable camera ever: mirrorless or DSLR.
It’s not even largely about physical differences between mirrorless and DSLR anymore, but instead about the¬†capabilities of mirrorless that give it advantages over DSLRs.

So what has Sony Alpha 9 to offer?

  • 20(!) fps continuous shooting
  • 60(!) ¬†fps AF/AE calculation
  • 693(!) AF points
  • Silent and vibration-free
  • 1/32,000(!) shutter speed
  • At 20(!) fps it can shoot 241 Raw files(!)
  • No black-out

Sony Alpha 9 uses an electronic shutter but offers also mechanical shutter, which allows for synch speeds for flash up to 1/250th of a sec. The camera also has 5-axis image stabilisation with 5 stops of correction.

Comparing Sony Alpha 9 to top of the range Canon and Nikon:

Sony Alpha 9 Canon EOS 1Dx Mark II Nikon D5
Resolution 24.2 Mpx 20.2 Mpx 21.3 Mpx
Continuous shooting 20fps 14fps 14fps
AF area 693 point 61 point 153 point
Image Stabilisation 5-axis None None
Max shutter speed 1/32,000 1/8,000 1/8,000
Weight 0.67kg 1.34kg 1.4kg
Price $4,499 $5,999 $5,699

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