Skype for Linux 4.0

Skype for Linux 4.0You all have heard of Skype, right? You may have been using it in the past.

As you may know, Skype is a multi-platform application – it runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Windows and Mac versions of Skype get very frequent updates (every few months). However, in the last few years we haven’t seen many updates for Skype for Linux (not that I use Skype, not at all, I use Google+ – it’s so much better!).

Recently, Skype for Linux got an update to version 4.0 (interestingly enough, Skype was quite recently bought by Microsoft), which was a major update. According to users, video and audio are much better, and there is less buffering. Also, Skype for Linux 4.0 seems to be crushing less and the chat history seems to be loading faster.

There are some new additions to Skype for Linux 4.0:

  • conversation window that lets you see your recent calls and massages,
  • new Call view (similar to the one on Windows and Mac),
  • new Emoticons,
  • you can now store and view phone numbers on a Skype’s contact profile page,
  • new “contact pinning” that lets you pin your favourite people to the top of the list (update: not yet on Linux, but coming soon).

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