Shoot Tethered in Lightroom

Shooting tethered in LightroomLightroom 3 brought a great and easy way to shoot tethered straight into Lightroom from your camera. How great is that?! And it is so easy and it requires no setup, no applications need to be installed. You can shoot “straight out of the box”!

Previous version of Lightroom allowed you to shoot tethered but with Lightroom 3 it became so simple. You just plug in your camera into your computer (you can use a usb cable that came with your camera or buy a long one or just use a wireless transmitter, there are a number of options) and then let Lightroom import images while you’re taking photographs! As simple as that!

I posted some more information about shooting tethered with Lightroom about a week ago so I am not going to bore you with all the details. Instead I invite you to watch the video I have created to show you how easy it is to shoot tethered with Lightroom 3.

Watch the video and enjoy it! 🙂

Shooting Tethered in Lightroom 3


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