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“Safe Web” series – 1 – Search privately

Safe Web iconWe all know that Google is the most popular and probably the best search engine out there.

However, if you are worried about Google spying on what you are searching for, there are some alternatives. Why not switch to a less intrusive search engine?

What I am about to show you is a search engine, that provides the same search results as Google but doesn’t record your IP address. Sounds good?

The search engine that I am about to show you, and the one that I have been using recently, is Start Page at https://startpage.com:

Start Page private search engine

Here’s what makes Start Page great:

– Startpage does NOT collect or share ANY personal information!
– When you search with Startpage the Web results are generated by Google.
– It allows users to surf the web with complete privacy.
– The servers have been configured to handle HTTP requests over secure and encrypted Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connections.

So why not give it a try and set your main search to https://startpage.com/uk/?

Here’s how you can do it in Firefox:

1. Install Startpage as your search engine from the following link:

Add Startpage to your browser.

2. Once installed, click in the Search Engine’s window (top right corner of the browser window) and click on Manage Search Engines:

Start page search engine

3. In the dialogue box that opens, you can choose your default search engine and you’re done!

Enjoy private search!

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